Migrating a WordPress Site – Part 3 – The Import (cPanel to cPanel)

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We have made it to the final part of our migration, importing our data. We are going to start with replacing the wp-content folder and then move onto replacing the default database with our database SQL file.

Let’s first head back to the file manager following the same steps as in part 1, click file manager and select Document root for: and selecting our site.




Let’s first remove the wp-content folder the already exists, right click and select delete.

Now let’s upload our compressed file and extract it.

Click Upload,


Browse for the file, and wait for it to complete.

Now right click the file and select extract,


Great, now we should again have a complete WordPress framework with all of our user uploaded content. Now let’s import the database and tell WordPress with to do with all of our cool content.

Pro Tip: When using installatron to create our WordPress install, it randomly selected a name for our database. This would be a good time to check the wp-config.php for the new name.

From cPanel home select phpMyAdmin,


Now, first things first, let’s get rid of the default database, select your database from the left and click “check all” and then drop from the dropdown


and finally, on this really scary message, click yes.


We now have an empty database that we can import our SQL file into. Let’s select Import from the navigation bar,


browse for your SQL file and select Go, you should get a message similar to this one. phpmyadminsuccessful

Well, in theory, (which I believe IT stands for), we have completed the migration. In most cases, the site will fire right up. For those that don’t, let’s move on to Part 3.1 Troubleshooting after a Migration.


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