Migrating a WordPress Site – Part 2 – Setting up the Destination (cPanel to cPanel)

In Migrations, WordPress by Travis Ballestero

As mentioned in Part 1, there are 3 components to a WordPress site, we already have 2 downloaded (wp-content folder and Database) so we need some core files. Installatron (cPanel’s application manager) is a great tool for setting up the environment quickly. Let’s use that to create our core files and database, then we will replace the database content and replace the wp-content with the ones from our backup.

Step 1. Install WordPress with Installatron.

(This assumes that you are installing one the primary domain or have already added the domain on as an addon domain.)

From cPanel home, select WordPress from the Web Application section,


Click “Install this application” on the top right, on the install details screen most all of the information can remain as default, as most will be overwritten by our database import or have default settings that are desirable. Let’s look at selecting a domain and directory.


Food for thought: Notice that with directory empty, our url is on the base domain, in this case https://techxpro.com/ if we were to added lets say “members” we could create a site in a subdirectory or our primary site with the url https://techxpro.com/members/ In this example we will be moving the site to be primary.

Once we have selected our domain and directory, scroll to the bottom and select install, once complete, we will move on to Part 3, the import.

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