Manually Installing a Theme – cPanel

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In this tutorial we will be manually installing a theme. In this case we are using cPanel’s file manager but the concept remains the same for all WP sites, get the file extracted in the correct directory.

Let’s start from cPanel main and select the file manager,installing wp themes manually






Select your domain from the dropdown and click go,






Once in the file manager open the wp-content > themes folder. At the top of the screen click upload,





On this screen click browse and select your theme’s zip file.





Once you see this in the bottom right hand side of your screen, you’re done with the File Upload tab,




Back on cPanel’s file manager you’ll have to hit the reload button to see your new file,




Now that you can see your theme, just right click, extract, and click Extract File(s)



That’s it! You’re done. Sign into your WP Dash and you’ll find the theme under installable themes.


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